A starry fruit… A native of Asia, the star fruit is a berry with fi ve pistils in the shape of a five-branched star. Used in salads, juice and to make jam, its taste and unusual shape give it a singular distinction among fruits. Flavorful and acidulous, it has the extraordinary ability of awakening your every sense. Taking this amazing fruit as its inspiration, the Star Fruit THIRSTY WATCH® is gifted with unique properties that will make you shine and a sparker of trends.

Plastic is fantastic… Plastic beauty abounds in this plastic piece: the shapeliness of a diver’s watch, the crown’s location at four o’clock ornamented with a THIRSTY WATCH® star color-matched to the case! And… the softness of its silicon strap, ergonomically designed for comfort to perfectly fi t the curve of your wrists.

Like a Star!

Unique by its shape and dazzling color, the Star Fruit THIRSTY WATCH® was born under a good star. Stage front and center is where your destiny will unfold from now on! Wear it and evolve beyond the Hollywood stars to become the origin of your own solar system!