A fruit unlike any other… Native to Latin America, the Dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya, was imported to Vietnam in the 19th century exclusively for the enjoyment of the royal family. Today eaten all over the world, its history, its shape and its color, make it a quintessential token of sumptuousness and elegance. Inspired by this amazing fruit, the Dragon Fruit THIRSTY WATCH® will enchant gourmets and anyone else who thirsts for the different and the majestic in their everyday life.

See life through pink-colored lenses… seduction, romance, happiness… the colors of the Dragon Fruit THIRSTY WATCH® will revitalize the emotions of each and everyone of us. Numerous studies have shown the positive effect of colors on one’s well-being. The growing popularity of pink among both men and women has made it a non-gender-specifi c mark of sensitivity.

Be Thirsty, Be Royal! Self-confi dence, knowing where you’re going but also, and especially, being attractive to others, are some of the things we all wish for. By its properties and appearance, the Dragon Fruit THIRSTY WATCH® reveals the splendor and dynamic nature within every one of us. Its color and its spellbinding history make the choice of this watch one of special distinction… it is the decision to be Royal!